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High Definition Surveillance Systems

Home and business surveillance/Security cameras do catch the bad guys


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home or business surveillance systems

Along with our motion activated hidden/spy cameras, the amount of people and business's that are having security and surveillance system installed are staggering.We have 6 of the finest and best quality, hard wired, surveillance/security systems along with our latest addition, the 360 Degree Wireless HD Camera System . We here at Defense and Security Products only carry the best systems on the market, you won't find better. We don't carry any low end products, you can be sure of that.

Our 4,8 or 16 channel home and business security systems online

These system come with 1,2 or 4 TB hard drive and there own DVR in High Definition to give you the clearest picture on the market today. If you can't get a clear picture, then you may as well just purchase one of our Dummy Cameras and save yourself a lot of money. With any one of our 7 High Definition security systems, you will be able to read a license plate from the car parked in the street. You are able to record up to a 5 and a half days of constant recording with any one of our surveillance/security camera systems. You could also add a motion detection device, this way you would only record when it detected movement so you could increase the recording time significantly. We also would recommend connecting this HD DVR to an HD TV or HD monitor using an HDMI cable(not included) for best results.

Why should anyone need a surveillance security system?

A video home and business surveillance systems aren't just for the wealthy in our society. Anyone looking to guard their home, property and family should consider installing one of our high definition home surveillance systems with DVR. These systems give you the peace of mind you want and deserve by giving you the opportunity to monitor your home as well as the inventory in your business. Initially this equipment was very costly, Now you can save on home or business surveillance systems because their prices have become considerably lower and this has enabled many homeowners to acquire them.

Crime statistics

Some staggering statistics. A burglary occurs approximately every fifteen seconds in the U.S according to FBI statistics and a home without a security system is three times more likely to be burglarized. Even the insurance companies are fully aware of the astonishing statistics of home or business surveillance systems. Insurance companies understand that a security system adds an extra layer of protection to your home or business, creating a safer environment for you, your family and employees.

A business or home HD surveillance system keeps the owner fully aware of what is happening inside and out. Installing a surveillance security system can certainly help protect your family from the emotional stress caused by catastrophic events like burglaries and home invasions.The side effects of events like these can be especially hurtful to young children.

The quality of our HD cameras and HD DVR together is amazing and installation is easy. Just mount the cameras, run the wires and hook up to the DVR. You will be able to make out license plate numbers and allow you to actually see the face of an intruder and You can store about 5.5 days of constant recording with the 1TB hard drive. You could also place some hidden cameras disguised as radios or clocks through out your home.

There are lots of uses.

Besides trying to catch burglars, Having a High Definition home or business surveillance systems has plenty of uses .

They can also be used to:

•Check to see when children leave for, or come home from, school.

•Keep an eye on pets during the day.

•View who's at the front door.

•Monitor housekeepers and other home service workers when you're not there.



Below are some of our Camera Features and Specifications:

Weatherproof IR Camera IP65 rating

Full HD 1920x 1080p

OSD Menu Control Button Built-in the Cable

24 pcs IR 45 foot range

3.6mm lensSony

3G SDI Heavy duty housing Suitable for Wall & Ceiling installation

Digital Video Output BNC Connector

Dimensions 3.67” 2.95

DVR Features and Specifications:

Video Inputs: 4 / 16 BNC

Video Outputs: HDMI, VGA up to 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080p)

Audio Inputs: 4/16 RCA x 1; Output x 1 RCA

Dual Stream Transmission

Alarm Inputs: 4/16 channel, 1 Alarm output

Recording resolution: HD 1080p at 60 frames per second for 3G SDI

Data Storage, up to 2/10 SATA hard drives, maximum up to 8TB

Viewing Resolution: HD 1080p live

IR remote, USB mouse and front panel press button operation

Motion detection, video masking / blind , video loss

Smart camera settings: privacy masking, camera lock, color setting, title displays

Easy backup methods: USB devices, remote network and client software backup

1/8 SATA, 1/2 ESATA, 2 USB, 1RJ45, 1/2/4TB Hard Drive Installed on this model


At the end of the day, all we are really wanting and searching for is please of mind. I am hopeful that Defense and Security Products could be instrumental in the quest. It is, and has always been our greatest concern. One of our proverbs is "It's better to be useful then useless" Be safe
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