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Steel Batons

Our expandable batons are also referred to as, metal batons, retractable batons, telescopic batons, tactical batons, steel batons, or security batons.

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Why not Protect yourself with one of our solid steel expandable baton.

Don't become a victim, it's your choice. You should become aware of your personal security, and take defensive measures, and our steel batons are just one of products we here at Defense and Security Products have available for you as a effective self-defense weapon. Our expandable telescopic batons are a powerful and intimidating self-defense product and is one of the best impact weapons available. With one of these batons that can expand from up to16 inches to 62 inches can help you gain the advantage of surprise and distance.

These are the same non-lethal weapons used by Law enforcement, security, and military personnel around the world. One of the reasons why they are so popular is because they give you a little bit of distance, they hit hard and are effective at stopping an attacker in a dangerous situation. These are very intimidating, and most criminals understand how powerful these weapons are, and will usually back down when they see one. Expandable baton, as an impact tool, can be used to strike, jab and block and to aid arm locks. To open, you simply flick your wrist quickly to expand it to it's full size. To close, you simply slam the baton straight down on a hard surface like the floor or a table (see our short video below with Julia demonstrating). Besides being used as a weapon, they also come in handy and can be employed to break windows, break the safety glass surrounding fire extinguisher enclosures, or lever open doors to gain entry to vehicles or structures.

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