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Stun Master Stun Guns

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Stun Master has the Most powerful stun guns and are the best manufacturer of stun guns in the world and have been ranked #1 for effective and powerful stun devices.Stun Master Stun Guns With Lifetime Warranty, and your satisfaction is our #1 concern because we want to be your on line store for effective self-defense products.

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Stun Masters have always been in the top 10 stun guns list for having the best value and quality in Stun Guns.

 It's what we here at Defense and Security Products are all about, your safety and protection. We have seen first hand the results and devastation caused from being victim to crime, assault, rape.


We Have The

Most powerful stun guns on the market

You can find many discounts and stun guns on sale at any time, from 10,20,30,and even 40% off sales. such as our packages where you can get great discounts and added FREE SHIPPING. These are the best prices on stun guns you will find. We are working every day to be the most trusted and fair safety and protection company in America. And we most certainly want YOU!!!


Here are some things you will need to know when having the most powerful stun gun on the market in the palm of your hand How To Use The most powerful stun guns For Self-Defense?

Many people purchase stun guns without knowing how to use it. If you don't know how to safely use your stun gun, it will not be an effective weapon if you are attacked. Knowing how to use the stun gun can give you the confidence to defend yourself.

Here are some tips that can help you use your stun gun safely as an effective person protection device.

Each stun gun is different, so even if you already know how to use a stun gun, read the brochure that comes with the stun gun you purchase. The booklet will outline unique features and explain how they can be used for self-defense.


How many volts does a stun gun need?


Most stun guns have a straight design with a grip. They have a stopping power of 750,000 to 20,000,000 volts and our stun guns are around 4.9 milliamps. When triggered a stun gun will paralyze the body of your attacker and make them fall to the ground. This is accomplished by stopping the neurotransmitters coming from the brain for a short time, which renders the attacker temporarily paralyzed. The stun gun must be touching the attacker while you are pressing the power button. The contact with the attacker needs to last 3 to 5 seconds, which will paralyze the attacker long enough for you to get away.

Before pressing the stun gun to the attackers body, make sure the safety switch is not activated. Keep your body and fingers away from the contact probes, or you may end up shocking yourself. Make sure your fingers are in the safety zone of the stun gun, this area will be noted in the brochure. After triggering the stun gun for 3 to 5 seconds, release the button to stop sending voltage into the attacker.

After purchasing your stun gun, you need to practice reaching it quickly and using it. If you toss your stun gun in your purse and never practice pulling it out, you may have trouble locating and using it when you are in danger. When you are attacked you will feel anxious and fearful and may forget about the stun gun altogether is you are not used to pulling it out. So, when you're in a safe environment practice grabbing your stun gun while it's in your bag, flipping the safety switch, pulling the stun gun out and pressing the button. While you want to learn how to use the stun gun, it's important to practice without actually using the device on a person.


What is needed for a stun gun to be an effective personal protection device?


You need to be prepared to use it at all times. Never put yourself in a position where you have to search for your stun gun or scramble to figure out how to disengage the safety features. Carry it with you and when you're in a situation where you don't feel comfortable have it ready and be willing to use it. Practice using the stun gun so that you can quickly deliver the paralyzing voltage to the attacker and get away. You have to be ready to touch the attacker with the device. And, don't be afraid of hurting the attacker. The stun gun will not kill them; it will just help you protect yourself from an attack.

We also would advise that you have some of our pepper spray on hand and handy also as another line of defense for you, maybe one that will clip onto your visor in your car or a key chain pepper spray.

And as always, we here at Defense and Security products say that the best stun gun on the market will be the one in your hand when attacked. Stay safe!

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