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Runt Stun Guns

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Best stun gun for girls

We here at Defense and Security Products would love more then ever to have you purchasing an effective self defense weapon from us, but we will always say "the best stun gun on the market will be the one in your hand if attacked" . Stay Safe

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Best Rechargeable stun gun,


#1 stun gun for girls



best stun guns for women

best stun gun for college girls.

comes in 5 different colors


The reason is it's compact, easy to reach in a purse or pocket, very easy to operate, And very powerful with great take down capabilities. 20 million volts at 4.5 milliamps give you assuranse of the take down capabilities of this Runt stun gun. This is what makes it a women's choice for an effective self defense product.

Is A Stun Gun A Good Choice For Girls?

What if you were told that the millions of people that are crime victims each year total about five percent of the entire population? Violent crime statistics show that out of those 13 million cases, about 1.5 million of them are crimes of a violent nature.

Crime victims often notice that their life changes in many ways afterward, specifically in reference to the way they react to things. When the crime occurs, you're going to feel all kinds of things, chiefly fear, yet you also might feel helpless and even angry. You're going to notice that you view certain life experiences differently. You're going to notice the stark contrast between how you view life now vs how you viewed life before you were a victim of a crime.

You can choose from a number of different effective self defense weapons to keep on your person,

So which one are you going to choose that would make you feel comfortable and safe?

Are stun guns good self defense products for women?

The Stun Gun, Stun guns operate off of batteries, and most of them are lightweight, some of them even super lightweight. They produce an electrical current that shocks the attacker. They aren't they type of gun that uses bullets of course, but they do produce electricity to use against the perpetrator. The passing of electricity from the stun gun to the attacker is by way of the prongs on the stun gun. You're going to reach out with your stun gun up against an attacker as you hit the trigger.

You can learn about the right places to hit an attacker with the electrical current from a stun gun. The attacker is going to be immobilized for sure if you were able to get a good shot of electricity with the prongs from the stun gun. Stun guns don't have much amperage, however, so what you see isn't permanent and is only going to last for so long. In fact, it could be over in as little as five minutes, but it can also last up to an hour.

Many professional organizations use stun guns, including police departments. This is due to their effectiveness and their ability to stop an attacker without using lethal means. This means they are great for defense and self defense. The nine volt batteries that these stun guns use can generate as much as 20 million volts! The Way It Works The millions of volts passed on mess with the attacker's neurological system and muscular system. It's not about the amperage but instead the volts, and pain isn't a focal point either. The feeling of being stunned by a stun gun if more along the lines of a highly intense smack on the funny bone. A high pulse frequency is involved to stun the muscular system with tons of energy. Stunned muscles contract continuously, ultimately meaning that the muscles are fatigued and there is no more energy. There is no way to get energy, so the body has to spend time replenishing itself for quite awhile before the attacker can function. Without the energy, the attacker is going to find it difficult to do anything. The attacker is going to be unable to balance properly, and he is going to be disoriented and confused. Remember, however, that the stun gun shock doesn't affect the body in a negative way past the time of the shocking. You're definitely going to have time to go get help before the attacker is able to move again.

Stun Gun Safety

Stun guns are weapons of self defense, but they are safe when used properly and when the user is educated about stun gun safety. As far as the attacker goes, it was mentioned that there is no permanent damage.  For adults, no evidence exists that long-term damage of any kind is going to happen. In fact, major organs are in actuality affected insignificantly overall. The low amperage is a good thing because that's what is dangerous, not the high voltage of stun guns. In fact, it only takes one amp and a person would be dead. Stun gun amperage is based on milliamps, so you don't have to worry about that. That is what translates to there not being any permanent damage.

Is A Reverse Stun Possible?

Some people are worried about either accidentally stunning themselves or getting touched by the stunned attacker and getting the effects from the shock. The attacker's body is not going to be a transmitter of the current, and instead will absorb the electricity. The attacker can have his hands on you, and you're still not going to feel anything. That should give you more confidence when thinking about ever having to use your stun gun. There are wrist straps available that help prevent the attacker from being able to use the stun gun if he were to steal it off of your wrist. Do you feel like a stun gun would provide adequate self defense protection for you? I'ts effective and non lethal, and you can also carry pepper spray to have two chances to incapacitate your attacker.

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