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Stun Master Stun Batons

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#1 Stun Guns For Sale Online


If you are looking for the best and most effective stun guns to buy, you are at the right place, We here at Defense and Security Products would love for you to purchase all your self defense products from us but we will always say that the best stun gun on the market today is the one you have in your hand if you come under attack.

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low priced stun guns for sale

Well, not a cheap stun gun but rather the best stun gun for sale cheap

I love stun devices and we have the very best stun guns for sale with lifetime warranties

Companies like Stun Master have led the charge in manufacturing products that can help people defend themselves. Defense and Security Products have low priced stun guns for sale, but the quality of our stun guns are remarkable, and once you actually handle one, you will see what we mean. Just the feel of one of our stun guns in your hand will be all it takes because you to will see VALUE instantly.

Stun guns are just one self defense product among many like Tasers, pepper spray, personal alarms and others.

For price, efficiency and effectiveness stun guns are a great choice. And I love them for the fact that they help protect the innocent, tax-paying, law-abiding, god-fearing Americans, and for the fact that they can do so without having to endanger the life of another human being, even if that human being happens to be the type to try and assault another.

I think stun guns in general get a bad rap and I'm always a little confused as to why when you consider how many legal firearms there are in this country. Don't get me wrong here, for I am a locked and loaded kind of person and love and will protect our second amendment. Firearms are meant and do protect as well, but they do so not by safely incapacitating an individual but by putting a hole in them that requires medical attention. And most of the time, it will take a number of shots to take down a man, where as a stun gun takes them down immediately. And I for one do understand that many people out there do not feel comfortable carrying a loaded gun and it's for them that we here at Defense and Security Products are all about.

Stun devices can be every bit as effective as a firearm in protecting you and your loved ones and it doesn't have to come at the cost of a human life as is often the case with firearms. Some Law enforcement personal have gone so far as to say they have better and faster take down power then a 9mm. Stun devices all work in basically the same way. There are two contacts between which current of non-lethal, high-voltage, low-amperage electricity runs when the trigger is pressed. Touch your attacker with this current of electricity and that should be the end of the attack in almost all cases.

The Stun Master stun baton also comes equipped with two more measures of protection not found on most stun devices and those are a flashlight and an extremely loud alarm. When I say really loud I mean 120 decibels loud. That's plenty loud enough to make an attacker turn tail and run before everyone in the neighborhood and nearby vicinity is looking out their windows. Not to mention the fact that if the attacker is dumb enough or deaf enough to ignore the alarm he'll be taking a seat on the sidewalk as soon as he gets zapped by 4.5 to 20 million volts of stopping power.

Si if you are searching for low priced stun guns for sale, then you need not search anymore. Stun Master produces stun guns that run the range of price from $22 to $89-nearly something for everyone. They lead the way in design with stun guns disguised as cell phones, flashlights and batons. Our Stun Master product has a lifetime warranty. If that is not a huge vote of confidence nothing is. Maybe that is why they have been protecting folks for nearly over six decades.

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