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Cell Phone Stun Guns

50% Discount on all Stun Guns

#1 stun gun cell phone

We here at Defense and Security products would love for you to purchase all of your effective self-defense weapon from us, but we always say that the best stun gun on the market will be the one in your hand if attacked. Stay safe

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Best Cell Phone Stun Gun


A great choice for an effective self defense weapon is a cell phone stun gun.

Cell phone stun guns on sale, 50% off

We all know that there is a multitude of  self defense weapon choices for non-lethal self defense to choose from online. The specific weapon you choose is a matter of personal preference. One can find everything from pepper spray to steel batons advertised on the internet. Self Defense and Security Products are a trusted online e commerce business and have wonderful comments on the quality of the products we sale from tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays, motion activated spy cameras, motion activated HD surveillance systems and much more. We offer free shipping on orders 100 dollars and up. We find this works very well for purchasing self defense products for your family. We hope that it will give enough incentive for Parents or Grand parents to purchase our products for their entire family. You can purchase 2 runt stun guns, 1 covert flashlight stun gun combination, 2 Lipstick Pepper sprays and 1 car visor clip pepper spray for $103.75. That's pretty cheap when providing life saving self defense weapons for the whole family.

These stun guns are easy to carry, easy to conceal, they pack a real punch and they look completely innocent so an attacker is caught off guard. Stun Master Stun Guns have always been the leaders of the pack in their cutting edge technology. We are always looking and somewhat anxious for their latest new idea. Like the last two, one being the slider stun gun that is small enough to resemble a pager. and now the new camouflaged bashlite with 15 million volts at 4.7 milliamps.

They can be carried on the belt, in a purse or anywhere a cell phone can be carried. With almost everyone carrying them today, they are so common place we hardly notice them anymore. An attacker will truly be shocked, no pun intended, to find that your harmless camera cell phone is actually non lethal weapon. The bad guy will be worried about a gun, knife or something threatening. A cell phone will not likely be identified as a weapon he needs to fear.

It is small, the size of a regular cell phone, and probably won't even be noticed in the palm of your hand. The cell phone stun gun works like any other stun gun. You press the end of the weapon against the attacker's body, pull the trigger and it applies a high voltage, low amperage charge to the attacker. This shock will temporarily incapacitate an attacker. The attacker feels pain and can be temporarily paralyzed. While the attacker is immobilized it is time to make your get away.

When we choose an effective self defense weapon our goal is to stop the attack and get out of harm's way. Whether your weapon choice is pepper spray, personal alarm or steel baton always run away from the attack if possible. Remember the attacker may only be immobilized temporarily.

These effective defense weapons are available in several styles, sizes and prices just like any other stun gun. Some operate on batteries and some like the rechargeable Pretender 4.5 Million volt cell phone stun guns are rechargeable. The Pretender comes in pink or black, has a 6 LED built-in flashlight and comes with a holster and charger.



Why buy a cell phone stun gun?

They are easy to conceal, they are easy to carry, they look harmless, they are reasonably priced and they are very effective. They also just look cool. Just remember your first goal is to remove yourself from danger. Use your weapon if it is necessary and then remove yourself from the area of danger.

What does a cell phone stun gun do?

What are the effects of a stun gun cell phone?

This would be the best exclamation as to the effects of a stun gun on a person, without getting into the science and technology of stun guns. Something I'm sure you will be able to grasp. :)

When I was just a teenager, I used to love doing cannon balls and church keys off the high diving board at the local swimming pool to make the big splash and get the life guard wet. Some times I would get pretty close to the edge until one time I actually hit my funny bone on the edge of the pool. Well, I was trying my hardest to not let anyone know just how bad that was as I was swimming back to the ladder dragging my right arm. I had absolutely no use of that arm for a few minutes. A shock from a stun gun like ours works very much the same. No matter how hard you try, you can not function.


What are the stun gun laws where I live?



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