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When it comes to Stun Guns, we here at Defense and Security Products take great pride knowing that we do have the Best Prices on the highest quality Stun Guns with the Best Guarantee you will find anywhere, and we would love for you to purchase your stun guns from us, but we will always say that the best stun gun on the market will be the one in your hand if attacked.

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#1 Stun Gun on the market


Stop Any Attacker With Just One Touch with the

Most Reliable Stun Gun for Self Defense

We here at Defense and Security Products are always on the cutting edge of non-lethal self-defense weapons and working to provide you with the most dependable, powerful and affordable stun guns you will find all with life time guarantee.

This is such a wonderful business to be in. We actually can make a difference, and we are, every single day, with providing you with the most effective self defense products, like our stun guns that are always at "very affordable prices". We will run promotions daily here at Defense and Security Products like the one we are running right now. "50% off all stun guns". If you would like to know just how we started in Self  Defense and Home and Business Security  check out our blog here 

I do believe that when it comes to the vulnerable around us, like the elderly, women and especially the young girls that are in college and living in college dorms, being on their own for the first time in their lives. These are the people that motivated me into Self-Defense and Security Products. And when you just look at the statistics of rape on college campus, then figure in the factor that in our judicial system today, it's likely that the perpetrator will get set free and the victim will end end up having to move and change her Identity. So it really does come down to. what can you do to protect yourself, and we happen to believe having a stun gun and having it handy is your best bet. You can not depend on anyone else but yourself, and I'm afraid it is only going to get worse from here. This is the #1 reason we work so hard to give the best prices on the best and most powerful stun guns, pepper sprays and tasers you will find.

We here at Defense and Security Products are always working to get more and more people on board with the idea of having the capability to survive even the most horrific attackers. We do understand that not everyone is comfortable carrying a hand gun such as a 9mm on them, and that's OK. This is where we come in with our powerful and effective self defense products and weapons. Getting people to understand just how important having products like our most popular stun guns, that can help you get away and survive an attack is the hardest thing for us to do and is our greatest challenge. Most of the time It's like the old saying "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink". You would surely think just by hearing and seeing the news with all the crime and lawlessness that is around us, would make us think more about having or purchasing some stun guns that can help defend and protect you and your loved ones from an attacker. A person who has a product such as a stun gun for protection does not have to be fearful all the time. Once they have learned how to use it, where to carry it, and when to have it in their hand can give a person a real sense of security. It only takes one time to be a victim, and that one time can, and will change you for the rest of your life, if you are fortunate enough to have survived.

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Here we have a wonderful list of news articles on many different crime categories where a self defense product was used to save the day. I'm sure you can find interesting subject matter. Articles on the effects of pepper spray for a self defense weapon along with bear spray and our best #1 stun guns. Please visit and comment if you would like.

Our Top Rated Stun Guns



Questions and Answers on Stun Guns


How do stun guns work?

The best stun guns will work through interrupting the brain's communication signals to the body. A person isn't harmed permanently by a stun gun; it just temporarily disrupts how the body functions. Over the long run, damage won't be caused by a stun gun since the electricity delivered to an individual's body is low amperage electrical charge even though it is very high voltage. The charge isn't enough for it to cause the person long term damage.

What is the best stun gun brand?

All of our stun guns here at Defense and Security Products have been tested by thousands of users for over 30 years.

Is a taser the same as a stun gun?

It's common to see these two terms used interchangeably, however, it's important to note that technically they are very different. Laws and regulations can also be different with each depending on where you live. For Laws in your area click here. The differense between a taser and a stun gun are a stun gun will will deliver a shock upon direct contact. A taser will shoot 2 darts that are connected to the unit and will supply an electrical charge through the wires and immobilize an attacker.

Can a stun gun kill someone?

This is a very common question and the answer is No, a stun gun is considered a non-lethal self-defense weapon. They are considered dangerous and should not be used as a toy. There has been studies made concerning the consequences on the brain after receiving an electrical shock from a stun gun or taser, however as of now, it's not known to be harmful.

What's the most effective voltage for a stun gun?

Consumers believe that the higher the voltage the more powerful the stun gun, Most stun guns are marketed by voltage. However, we here at Defense and Security Products believe it's the amperage that determines the power and effectiveness of a Stun Gun or Taser. One amp can kill a person and Stun Guns and Tasers are much less than that. Most Stun Guns and Tasers will range from 2 to 5 milliamps. We suggest that the most effective stun guns will range from 4.2 to 4.9 milliamps.

Are there stun guns for women?

Yes, There are many different models for a woman to choose from that have been specifically designed for women. With special attention to ease of concealment and being unnoticed by a possible attacker like the Lipstick Stun Gun, or the Cell Phone Stun Gun.

Are stun guns heavy?

Stun Guns come in a variety of styles and models, and depending on what you are looking for. Stun guns come in the size of a Pager up to a Flashlight Stun Gun Baton. So this would depend totally on your preference

How old do you have to be to carry a Stun Gun?

In some states like here in Montana, there is no age limitations on purchasing a stun gun, But for anyone under 18, we here at Defense and Security Products would require the parent or guardian be with them when they make the purchase  But in most States, the age limit is at the age of 18,

How can I ensure my personal safety on the street?

We here at Defense and Security Products will always tell our customers that self defense always begins with awareness. Having pepper spray or a stun gun is the added insurance but being aware of your surroundings is very important, here are some tips. Stay alert, especially if you are in a dangerous or desolate street, don't listen to music or be playing with your cell phone. Always lock your car, and park in a well light area. Avoid deserted streets late at night if possible. Keep a wide personal distance from people on the street. If your being followed or you believe you're being followed, cross the street and go into the nearest store, shop or restaurant, hail a cab or bus. Don;t ever stop walking or turn back, walk to a crowded and busy street. Try to change your location or the environment ASAP.

What is the general function of a stun gun?

So whenever you press a stun gun into an individual's body and shock them, a couple of things occur that contribute to their stunned state. The electric shock that the stun gun delivers combines with the brain's electric signals. This ends up confusing the body and makes it hard for the person to move. It uses up all an individual's energy so that person won't be able to do anything temporarily. The stun gun, when it is triggered, emits an electrical and bright blast that is very intimidating. It makes an extremely loud popping noise that anyone within earshot will be able to hear. This is great if you are fearful of animals such as dogs. A very effective defense product

The most effective stun gun is when the electrodes are held against a muscular part of the attacker's body firmly, like on the buttocks, thigh or shoulder. Even if you are touching the individual being stunned, you still won't receive a shock. To subdue your attacker completely, you must continuously apply the stun gun for a couple of seconds. If the individual is large, you must do it for longer, or if the model you are using is a low voltage one.

Stun guns are unable to be lethal, since they don't have a sufficient amount of amperage in order to kill somebody. Much like the other non-lethal self defense products we have like P

They just affect your body's regular muscles and not the heart or other vital organs. They only stun the muscles temporarily and make an individual fall to the ground. The person will feel very disoriented and confused for a few minutes after that. It will stop any attacker with just one touch, maybe two just for good measures :)

How does a Taser work?

Advanced Taser Guns are able to go through thick clothes. If the darts happen to miss their mark, the front of the stun gun has two probes, which allow it to be used in the form of a stun weapon. Since the weapons affect a person's central nervous system through mimicking electrical impulses that are used for communicating inside the human body, it can be effective to hit any place on the body. Therefore, it is a lot easier to use the Advanced Taser compare to firearms or sprays where a specific area of the body must be hit. You cannot reuse Air Cartridges. They must be replaced following each shooting.

All of these products, from our top rated stun guns, pepper sprays or tasers, are all effective non-lethal self defense weapons you can count on.

More and more women and men are using Stun Guns for self defense. Stun Guns in college and college dorms are very popular and make very effective self defense weapons.  Many people are not comfortable carrying a loaded hand gun and this is understandable. So here we have a non-lethal stun gun for self defense that makes a very good and effective self defense products that can be easily used and concealed. We have many shapes and sizes, flashlight stun gun combos, stun gun batons, lipstick stun guns, mini stun guns and more. All are very effective weapons for self defense.



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