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Pepper Gel

Check out this video!!!! Maybe you should think about purchasing some pepper spray for self defense


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The Wildfire Pepper Gel is a popular pepper spray used by college students

After seeing this video, I wonder what your thoughts are on non-lethal self-defense weapons. You have to agree that the effectiveness was extraordinary and to think that things could have gone in such a horrible direction as we have seen many time over and over again.

To think that a while back, this young man had decided to purchase some pepper spray. With that one decision, look at the outcome. Had he not had any pepper spray, what do you suppose the out come would have been? You can only imagine but then again, we have seen this played out over and over again. Now had this event gone the other way, and that young man didn't have any pepper spray, I'm sure with all the young students that would have been killed, the media would have been all over this story. It's sad, but true. In any case, this one but simple decision changed the lives of many students and we can only guess as to how many lives were saved.

And now, here you are reading this and you have a choice you can make right now. Don't allow your self to be a victim, do something like purchasing some of our effective self-defense products right now.


Our Pepper Spray for your personal defense here at Defense and Security Products are the most popular portable self defense product in the world. They have many benefits, including being available in several sizes, formulation strengths and containers.

If we were to actually have the true statistics of the number of our young Daughters that are being assaulted and raped in all of our colleges and universities, I'm sure we would be absolutely stunned. I would be willing to think that the numbers would be well into the 30 to 50%. The facts are that when any women or young girl files a criminal charge for being raped she is the one who finds herself being on trial. I for the life of me can't seem to get my mind behind the reasoning for such, but I'm sure you would agree. We see it all the time right down to the local and small communities. It's no wonder it's so hard for a young girl to go forward with charges.

So with that being said, what can we do?? Well the first thing is to make a decision right now that doing nothing really is not an answer. But you can purchase some of our pepper spray, and this pepper gel, that would be a great place to start. We have the most effective pepper sprays, foggers and gels used in college and the college girls seem to feel much safer just having some on them and in there dorms. I would think any Father with their daughters in college would want them to be equipped with some form of protection and pepper sprays, foggers and gels works very well.

I could also add that our stun guns also make very effective protection devices and have a long history of success. They come in many shapes and sizes and all our stun guns come with a lifetime warranty

How does pepper sprays and gel actually work?

Pepper Spray has two units by which the effectiveness can be measured, The first is the Scoville Heat Units or (SHU's). Organic peppers have a range of 0 to 300,000 Scoville Heat Units. The active ingredient in pepper spray is Oleoresin Capsicum or (OC). OC is esentially concentrated oil extracted from peppers. Undiluted OC can reach a rating of up to 15 million SHUs.

The species of pepper used to make the spray determines the heat generating capacity. The higher the SHU number, the hotter the pepper spray is. Have you ever eaten, on purpose or inadvertently, a hot pepper? Some will just give you a slight burning sensation, while others will make your eyes water. Pepper sprays are basically created the same way, which is why you always want to choose a reliable manufacturer and you can't find better the WildFire Pepper spray.

The best sprays contain at least 2 million SHUs. The second number to look for when choosing a defense spray is the percentage of OC. While the percentage does not make a difference on how hot it is, what it does control is how quickly the spray penetrates. The percentage of OC indicates how thick the formulation is. A lower percentage pepper spray will result in a quicker penetration, which means it will affect your assailant quicker.

However, the lower percentages also dissolve quicker, which means a faster recovery time. A good percentage to look for is anywhere from 10% to 18% OC. This will give you a spray that has a rapid response and an average recovery time of 15- 45 minutes, which is plenty of time for you to get away.

Exposure to pepper spray causes the eyes to involuntarily swell shut. It constricts the throat, eliminating all but life support breathing. It also causes uncontrollable coughing and often, panic will set in. Although this condition is temporary, it is very debilitating. Because of this, you want to avoid getting contaminated if you ever have to use it against an assailant.

Effective self defense pepper sprays for college and college students are available in several spray patterns

including stream, fogger and gel. If you live in an area that has windy conditions, the best choice will be a gel spray. This will minimize the possibility of blowback. Blowback occurs when you spray directly into the wind and it blows on you or others, accidentally contaminating both you and others in the area.

A Gel Pepper Spray disperses the OC in a sticky gel. Once sprayed, it acts like glue on your assailant. If the attacker attempts to wipe or rub it off, it begins to permeate the skin leaving your attacker in pain. If used properly indoors you don't have to worry about blowback, as it will stay in the direction where it's sprayed and will not affect others in close proximity. It is a relatively new formulation in the industry, but it is an ideal choice for not only windy areas, but indoor situations such as a car, home or office as well.

Pepper Spray Laws and Restrictions

But as always, we here at Defense and Security Products as much as we would love to be your source for effective self defense pepper sprays, the best pepper spray on the market will be the pepper spray in your hand if attacked. Stay Safe.

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