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Vampire Pepper Spray

You can also purchase the vampire pepper spray in this family package of pepper spray in the video below





We would love for you to make all your purchases of effective self-defense products and pepper sprays here from us, but we will always tell you that the most effective pepper spray will be the one in your hand if you are ever attacked

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This is a very popular and effective pepper spray for a women's self-protection

Vampire Repellent pepper spray has been formulated to repel vampires by adding essence of garlic to the ingredients.  Not only does it repel vampires, it also repels humans and all the Renfield’s out there.

Basic self defense for women Don't Live In Fear


Nowadays, both men and women have to be ready to protect themselves from dangerous elements in our society. Depending on the location where you live, the greatest threat near you may be a neighbor's dog, a bear, or worse yet - a human being. Rather than living in fear of the world around you, it is wiser to get yourself some tools which will help you feel protected and safe. Pepper spray, for instance, is a very convenient self-defense product, however, it is an important part of the package. A good self defensive spray for women requires a fine aerosol spray that's rated at approximately two million Scoville heat units. A Jalapeño pepper, for instance rates at about 5000 heat units.

You need to carry something that will cause pain, making the mucous membranes swell and preventing them to breath. This will also make the eye's veins swell, closing eyes of the attacker. The effect lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, but there's no permanent damage. Of course, for this reason, it's very important that you handle the spray carefully.

You can Practice using pepper spray with our practice pepper spray until you're confident that you'll be able to use our pepper spray in a dangerous situation. They start at $4.00 and go up to $10.00 and with the stream or fogger. Use the practice pepper spray before bringing the real pepper spray  with you in real life. Some have quick release key-chains too - which are effective at up to approximately 8 feet.

When protecting yourself, you should aim toward t he eyes of an attacker, then jumping away in order to avoid back spray. Personal-size sprays tend to contain approximately half an oz of it, which is good for about 5 1-second shots. You can get one from less than ten dollars. There's also a sort of pepper spray you can use in your car. It is a very handy product and clips dirctly onto your visor, and smaller containers which masquerade as pens, pagers or lipsticks. As you practice being safe with pepper spray, it's very helpful to know a few available remedies in case you accidentally spray yourself. Sour cream, baking soda and milk help, but you'll still be uncomfortable for some time.

If you live alone, hike alone, travel alone, or is alone often for other reasons, it's important to have some form of self-protection. If you practice pepper spray safety, and get ready to fend off an attacker using it to strike from far away, you'll do a good deal that'll help you be a lot safer in this unpredictable world we live in. Use pepper spray correctly, and it'll be a very effective repellent against potential attacks from a man or a beast. While it can cause vision and breathing problem as well as severe pain for a while, it does not cause permanent damage to the animal or person it touches. They aren't going to get hurt or die - and neither will you.

Pepper Spray Laws and Restrictions


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