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About Us

My Name is Gary Harstad, I am a Veteran from the United States Navy 1968 1972. These where very hard time for our country, but I am very concerned about the times we live in now. It seems we have entered into a season of lawlessness with the amount of criminal activity and how most of the time, the sentence doesn't match the crime. So much non-sense we see every day, it boggles my mind.

My wife and I started Beartooth Kennels back in 1976 where we began to breed German Shepherd for personal and home protection. Now Beartooth Kennels Breeds some of the best German Shepherds in the world. It has always been a joy for us to produce wonderful, loyal and loving creatures that would give up their lives if need be to be sure you, your children and property are protected. With a German Shepherd, they will be all this to the very last breath they take. We always tell our new puppy owners to be sure to work at earning this kind of devotion.

We wanted to do more in helping the most vulnerable to defend themselves and so we started Defense and Security Products. I have seen first hand the results of an assault and what it does to a person. It's life changing.

I believe the products I sale are of the finest quality you will find. They have lifetime warranties, and are very reasonably priced. I have done this experiment many times and the results  have always been the same. I will be in our booth at a show and have some one actually hold a stun gun in their hand, say the Bad Ass 20,000,000 volt, 4.9 milliamp stun gun baton, to get the feel of it. I would instruct him how it works, then ask them what value they would think it to be. Almost always the value they estimate  has been double the actual price. That's very impressive.

All of us here at Defense and Security Products are very committed to have the resources available for you to protect and defend yourself.  And again, it gives us great joy knowing that we have been instrumental in protecting and possibly saving lives. We hope you will do all your purchases of effective self defense weapons with us as we know we have the most powerful and effective products in self defense you will find, but we will always be the first to tell you that the most effective self defense weapon will be the one in your hand if you are ever attacked.  Stay safe!



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